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Gippsland Life Magazine – We Are Gippsland!


Now in its Seventeenth year of production Gippsland Life Magazine is well known as the people's magazine. We promote people and the towns that make up this great region of Gippsland.


Consistently promoting excellent town features whilst incorporating our magnificent Food, Wine and Accommodation, plus staying up to date on our fantastic Gippsland Culture - the best in art, theatre and entertainment. Produced quarterly, Gippsland Life Magazine strives to have the magazines in the shops by the first working day of the month. It is this reliability that we have built our name on.


The magazine can be found through stores across Gippsland and online through the normal channels: Facebook, Instagram and  


We are in touch with the people of Gippsland, we know what the advertisers want, we know what the people want, this comes with experience, but we also offer the love and enthusiasm that we have for Gippsland with what we do in our magazine.


Our writers and contributors are highly skilled and passionate about what they say and this reflects in our stories. Our design is to showcase Gippsland, its advertisers, people and places in their best light.


Photography is second nature to us, our motto is to work with you to get the best results and love showing off our Great Gippsland!


Gippsland is one of Victoria’s biggest rural regions and most versatile.


From the pristine coastline of Bass Strait to the snow-capped mountains of Mount Baw Baw, through historic and breathtaking scenery, Gippsland has the lot. 


Gippsland Lifestyle will showcase what is best about Gippsland, and strives to continually present and display what we all love about one of the best regions in Victoria and Australia.

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As Managing Director of South Gippsland Publishing Pty Ltd, 2024

and beyond is shaping up as the most exciting period for our magazines.


"We started back in 2009/10 with a 40 page magazine with no content, fast track to 2024 and we have produced over 1,700 features. We are the feature magazine, we give you great value for your money and this will continue."

EDM [executive decision maker]

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